Okay, we’re going to take a minute to gush! Don’t worry, it’ll be quick, but we just can’t help it! We feel like we’ve hit the jackpot when we’re able to photograph our dear friends. We almost feel like it’s not fair to do something we love so much for people we care so much […]

There are always two things that you can count on for a wedding: 1) You NEVER have enough time in the day, 2) There are always things outside of your control! These two things are enough to cause any bride to go crazy with anxiety and stress, and who could blame them! Or should I […]

The day felt like summer. It was 85 and the humidity was off the charts. Everyone knew it, we didn’t have much time, people were sweaty, hungry, and probably wanted nothing more than to go inside and enjoy the air conditioning. We took family pictures as fast as we could and were soon left with […]


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