Okay, we’re going to take a minute to gush! Don’t worry, it’ll be quick, but we just can’t help it! We feel like we’ve hit the jackpot when we’re able to photograph our dear friends. We almost feel like it’s not fair to do something we love so much for people we care so much […]

The air was crisp and ripe with pollen. I turned to Becca and asked if she had remembered to take her allergy meds this morning, and with a smile and a convincing nod, we knew that this day was off to a good start! Per usual before every shoot, our eyes are glued our weather […]

We were standing by our car, cameras in hand. We were itching to get started shooting. First, because we were both tingling with anticipation of photographing two beautiful people in Dana & Milton, but also because we were so excited to just hang out with them for the next 90 minutes. With each car that […]


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