Dana & Milton’s Green Lane Engagement

We were standing by our car, cameras in hand. We were itching to get started shooting. First, because we were both tingling with anticipation of photographing two beautiful people in Dana & Milton, but also because we were so excited to just hang out with them for the next 90 minutes. With each car that passed by, our excitement intensified.

5 minutes passed…

10 minutes passed…

By now, we were wondering if something terrible had happened.

“What if they ran into a bear and their car was completely totaled?”

“Or maybe they ran out of gas and were standing on the side of the road, waiting for a Good Samaritan to drop by.”

Before our minds had the chance to run completely amuck, we called them to find out the truth for ourselves. We came to find out that when we shared our location on Google with them, Google had lead them to the complete OPPOSITE side of the lake! Ugh. Thanks technology!

When they finally pulled up to the RIGHT side of the lake (again, thanks Google), we felt terrible. They had probably been looking forward to this shoot for so long and now they wasted precious time driving all the way around the lake when it could have all been avoided if technology had just worked correctly! Again, our minds took on a life of their own.

It was then that Dana & Milton stepped out of their car, immediately assuming a posture of both confidence and readiness, something we only thought was possible for seasoned runway models about to take to the catwalk for the umpteenth time.

We were both amazed and put completely at ease!

We threw everything at them that we could. Poses and locations we never thought they would agree to, they said yes to with smiles that beamed from ear to ear. Smiles seemed to dwarf the width of Green Lane Lake itself and couldn’t be wiped off their faces no matter what happened.

We couldn’t believe it. But after thinking about it for a little while longer, it began to make sense. We thought back to the first time we met Dana & Milton, the local Starbucks. He opened the door for her, pulled out her chair, and consistently asked for her opinion on every topic we talked through. She looked at him with a look that clearly cherished the family that they were about to become together. This was a couple that thought about each other and valued the other’s opinion in a way that a lot of people simply don’t do! So of course it made sense that they couldn’t stop smiling, they were fiercely in love, and shot after shot, they demonstrated this in such a profound way!

Dana & Milton, you guys are an inspiration! You live such a clear example of love that even people who have never even met you can observe and emulate! Your relationship tells a story about how two people can empty themselves and live for each other with every passing moment! We literally cannot wait for your wedding later this year!


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