Mary & Jim’s Ocean City Beachside Ceremony

There are always two things that you can count on for a wedding: 1) You NEVER have enough time in the day, 2) There are always things outside of your control! These two things are enough to cause any bride to go crazy with anxiety and stress, and who could blame them! Or should I say ALMOST every bride.
The door opened for what seemed like the 100th time. We all could feel that time was beginning to be an issue. The ceremony was supposed to start in about 15 minutes and we were still in the bridal suite. No one knows exactly how time gets away on a wedding day but as sure as the sun does rise, it does. We would have loved to have another 30 minutes, and I’m sure Mary would have been overjoyed to, but we didn’t have them. As we hurried to go down to the beachside ceremony site, one thing in particular caught our eye. Everyone in the room was wearing the stress on their faces except for one person: the bride! She wore a smile the whole day that refused to be removed by anything! No lack of time, inclement weather would wipe the beaming grin off of Mary’s face. Even as the rain was falling and subsequently chased us off the beach, Mary would not waver in her pursuit of enjoying every single moment of her day! We were in awe. The whole day continued to have its own interesting developments but our job was made so easy because we never had to tell our bride to smile! What more could we ask for as photographers!
Mary and Jim, we hope you guys had as much fun as we did! You guys had the beachside ceremony that you deserved and you never let anything get you down, regardless of anything that happened beyond your control!


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