Mike and Caroline’s Bucks County Wedding

The day felt like summer. It was 85 and the humidity was off the charts. Everyone knew it, we didn’t have much time, people were sweaty, hungry, and probably wanted nothing more than to go inside and enjoy the air conditioning. We took family pictures as fast as we could and were soon left with just Mike and Caroline. Becca and I looked at each other and seemed to read each other’s mind, “There’s no way they want to stay out here any longer, they’re probably dying!” We asked them anyway, and their answer shocked us. They were ready to go for their first portraits as husband and wife and they weren’t letting the heat cheat them out of it. We clicked our shutters as fast as we could and they kept smiles on their faces the whole time! Not once did they complain! We couldn’t have asked for a more care-free couple to start the season off with! Mike and Caroline, you guys earned every one of these pictures, and we were honored to have been there with you two!

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