Not Your Typical Spring Session

The moment we stepped out of the car, we knew it wasn’t the spring day either of us had hoped it would be.

We didn’t even need to close the car doors ourselves, the wind was gusting so hard it could have done it for us. In that moment, it was as if we could read each other’s minds, how are we going to put this poor couple through this chilly wind in good conscience?! How were we going to ask them to traipse through a grass field completely exposed to the elements because walking pictures are to die for!

It was the beginning of April for goodness sake! We were supposed to surrounded by a lush array of dogwood blooms and cherry trees, not dressed in winter coats and praying that the wind would stop for the next 90 minutes. No sooner after having this internal conversation did we begin an all out sprint to find a location that would serve as a haven from the ruthless wind! We had planned a couple of other locations but we didn’t account for this type of forecast, it just doesn’t happen in April!

We quickly sprinted back to our car to wait for our unsuspecting couple to arrive. As soon as we saw them pull up, we could almost see them shivering already! As they got out of their car, we cringed. Natalie was wearing the cutest floral spring dress, and for Zach, a pale blue oxford and some light khakis. How long could we justify putting them through the cold in the name of a few spring portraits?! Their first words to us immediately put our little hearts at ease.

“Guys, we’re game for as long as you need us.”

Music to our ears!

From there on out, the session was an absolute dream! You see, the story behind what is happening in a given photo is hardly ever as glamorous, but thats why we do it! We love working with couples to make their dream photos a reality, because it really is a team effort!

Okay, okay, enough about us, it’s time to brag about the real heroes of the session!

Zach and Natalie, you guys were absolute superstars! Anything we asked you guys to do, you did it without a second thought! Even when we asked you to take off your warm and toasty jackets to walk across an open field in 35 degrees with 15 mph frigid gusts, you guys didn’t hesitate for a second! You dropped the jackets like a couple of savages and said “Lets do this!” Or when we had you guys snuggle up on the cold ground because we knew the photos were just going to look GORGEOUS, you guys did exactly that and never once looked cold on the other side of the lens! Seriously, look through these images and tell me it doesn’t look like a beautiful spring evening in Bucks County and they weren’t just soaking up the rays! You guys are the reason why we love these portrait sessions! You rolled with the punches and always had smiles on your faces while doing it! So, take a bow, give yourselves a pat on the back, because you have yourselves to thank for each and everyone of these BEAUTIFUL images!


  1. Sarah says:

    Love these!! Cool area. Looking at Natalie, I couldn’t tell it was so cold. EEE! Awesome job guys!!

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